Flights to Rome

Flights to Rome: A City Where Romance Is In The Air


Your travel itinerary is incomplete for sure if you are not visiting the city of Rome. The city of Rome has been one of the most attractive tourist cities in the world. It brings light to all its visitors with its fabulous historic buildings, art, religion, delicious food, and archeology. Rome is a city that will hardly leave any of its visitors unimpressed. Moreover, every part of the city has a story to tell. Be it food, culture, religion, ancient history, and more. But to travel to the city of Rome flights can be really expensive sometimes but hold on to your horses, for you easyJet bring some exciting and cheap flight tickets. But first before divining into flight tickets let’s look at some amazing things to do in Rome curated by BeStyler.

Discover the best things to do while you are in the City:

Discover the best things to do while you are in the City

Discover the best things to do while you are in the City | Bestyler

There are some amazing things and places to visit in Rome to make your traveling clear in the city of Rome.

1. Visit the Colosseum in Rome

If there is an excuse you would make for taking flights to Rome it has to be Colosseum. One of the best places to visit in Rome and it’s popular around the world. It’s Colosseum. This is a must-visit place since it’s an ancient amphitheater, the colosseum has a long history of where Colosseum was used for gladiatorial contests. Yes, you might have seen this in the movie Gladiator. This place will give you the impression of what the history of gladiatorial fights might look like. The Colosseum is also considered the iconic symbol of Rome and Rome is quite popular because of the history it represents.

2. Visiting the Roman Forum

After visiting Colosseum your next stop should be direct to visit Roman Forum. Its located adjacent to the Colosseum. The Roman Forum is popular for its sprawling archeological site which mesmerizes every visitor visiting the city. It was once the center of ancient Rome and but the place now attracts tourists and travelers with its beautiful structure and gives the subtle highlight of the history of ancient Rome.

3. Visiting the Popular Vatican City

If you are in Rome and without visiting the popular Vatican City in Rome you are missing the best piece of the city’s sights. It’s considered the smallest state in the world mainly known for being the religious city dominated by Catholic churches. It’s a state mostly popular for a lot of ancient history with catholicism and cathedrals. You could visit the Sistine Chapel, St.Peter’s Basilica,  or the Vatican Museums, all these places hold some staggering collections of art and history to behold. They leave visitors filled with endless amazement. Visiting the Vatican City your flight to Rome is a mission complete.

4. Visiting Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is considered to be one of the popular landmarks in Rome. If you’re keen about visiting a palace where you will see people from different countries, and local people having their best time around the fountain. The fountain represents the grand Baroque masterpiece, which leaves its visitors feeling subtle serenity around the place. Moreover, be ready to feel overwhelmed by tossing a coin into the fountain which is believed to make your wish come true. It may be a bit superstitious for some of us but a little adventure into anything is worth a try.

5. Visiting Pantheon

The Pantheon is famous for being the marvel of ancient Roman architecture which leaves its visitors feel amazed by its ancient beauty. It’s said that the Pantheon is a temple dedicated to the ancient Roman gods therefore it has been well-preserved. The Pantheon has flawless interior art designs and the domed roof is beautifully built to keep admiring. Flights to Rome are incomplete without visiting Pantheon.

6. Visiting Piazza Navona and Villa Borghese

If you are looking to do something exciting things to do after traveling around the city then, visiting Piazza Navona is a must. The place showers its visitors not only with stunning buildings and architecture but with amazing cafes to explore. These cafes are the best place to try unique cuisines, cocktails, and more. Moreover, you are likely to be amazed by street performances.

The next adventure to make flights to Rome worthwhile is to visit Villa Borghese. Its consider Rome’s largest public part because of its covering large areas, multiple gardens, dazzling lakes, and museums to explore.  It is a place for escaping from the bustling busy life.

Discover the Airlines flying to Rome:

Discover the Airlines flying to Rome

Discover the Airlines flying to Rome | Bestyler

Here are some frequent airlines that will take you to Rome from any city or country.

  1. easyJet: easyJet is considered one of the most budget-friendly airlines. If you are a constant traveler and looking for budget-friendly airlines easyJet is a fantastic option to save time and money. For a comfortable flight booking your ticket with easyJet is a nice option. Plus easyJet takes you to all the major cities in Rome.
  2. British Airways: British Airways is one of the airlines that gives affordable prices on tickets and flights to Rome. It’s popular for excellent onboard services, full of modern amenities, and more. Whether you are looking for business class tickets or economic class British Airways got you covered.
  3. Air France: Enjoy the moments in the air with Air France. It’s one of the most frequently flying airlines when it comes to flights to Rome. It takes you to major popular cities in Rome apart from Paris.
  4. Emirates: Emirates is a Dubai-based airline that takes travelers to many tourist destinations around the world. If you are traveling from Duba or Abu Dhabi flights to Rome with Emirates is a nice option to go. They have constant flights to Rome to major cities in Rome.
  5. Turkish Airlines: The popular airline to fly from any major city in Turkey to major cities in Rome is Turkish Airlines. It has frequent flights to Rome, and the prices could be pretty affordable or a bit high with all the amenities on board. But still, the airline is a convenient airline to travel across major cities and countries in Europe.


Whether you are looking for cheap flights to Rome or frequent flights to Rome easyJet is an excellent platform to look for the best airlines. There are airlines that will enhance your flight to Italy Rome will exciting prices on flight tickets. If you are budget conscious or need an instant flight to book for an emergency easyJet is a good platform to navigate your itinerary list. For more information visit BeStyler.


How long do you have to be at Rome airport before taking off a flight?
The layover depends on the airlines, but however, if you are flying directly from Rome the waiting hours prior to departure for both domestic and international flights is two hours. 
Why are flights to Rome tend to be so expensive?
There are many major technical reasons why flights are expensive to fly to Rome. the shortage of flights, increasing demand,  and seasonal flights are some general reasons why travelers have to pay high for some light tickets to Rome.
What is the cheapest day of the week to fly to Rome?
All the airlines usually have cheap ticket prices when booked in advance only for instance two to three months ahead. There are no fixed weekdays to find cheap prices. But to try out your luck try booking around Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays.

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