Flights To Santorini

Flights To Santorini: Your Ultimate Magical Destination For A Perfect Holiday 


A popular destination for a perfect holiday is what Santorini has to offer you. Santorini is undoubtedly your ultimate getaway for a perfect holiday this summer. You can get cheap flights to Santorini on easyJet to reach your destination easily.  The city has small islands that are deeply rooted in the traditions of its people. It’s blessed by nature with breathtaking views of every part of the island that you can imagine. The setting of nature unleashes a perfect place for couples holidays and a lot of unique adventures to discover.

But many times flights could be very expensive to complete your holiday itinerary. But with easyJet. It brings amazing deals and discounts on ticket prices throughout the year. Your flights to Santorini are possible because of EasyJet. If you have never been to Santorini, then this summer is the best time to discover one of the most dazzling islands in the Aegean Sea. In this blog, we will discover some top things to do in Santorini to get you all excited about the island. 

The top things to do while you are in Santorini 

Here are what we consider the top things that any traveller should do while they are in Santorini. 

1. Simply Watching the Sunset in Oia

Watching the sunset in Oia is not the same as watching the sunset in your hometown. Santorini is a magical island and watching the sunset in Oia is a phenomenon, a magnificent and incomparable thrilling experience. Mainly because of the beauty of the way Oia is designed as a city. 

Getting the view of the sunset is not that hard since simply getting a seat in a restaurant or finding a top place to get the best view as the sun slowly sets down over the Oia.  It will leave you awe-inspiring to come back again and again. The whitewashed building all around makes the cliffs and sunsetting extraordinary. If you think the flights to Santorini are worthwhile, then yes after watching the sunset in Oia will be a big Yes.  

2. Visiting Fira the Capital of Santorini

There are numerous, both local and a variety of bars and restaurants in the capacity city to visit. The city is a magnificent city to behold such as experiencing the stunning Caldera views, and for more cultural experience visit the archaeological Museum of Thera. Fira is a mixture of both modern culture and traditional cultures to explore. You can learn more about the cultural heritage of food and cuisines by simply visiting any of the local shops in the city. 

3. Adventure in The Read Beach 

Your flights to Santorini are sure to be worthwhile after you visit the red beach apart from getting the view of the stunning sunset in Oia. The beach is located in Akrotiri, an ancient site. It is basically famous for its red volcanic cliffs which carry their own beauty til the half down the cliffs. The distinctive red sand enhances the overall beauty of the beach which is indescribable in words. An individual can only feel the beauty of it. The place will shower you with a soothing spot for warm sunbathing and for romantic swimming with your partner. It should not be surprising if you find the place crowded. 

4. Adventure by taking the boat tour 

If you are passionate about discovering the unique sites of the island then taking a boat tour is the best thing you could bless yourself with. By embarking on the boat tour you are likely to discover some stunning views of the caldera and the remnants of volcanic landscape. Plus you can also hike up the Santorini volcanic mount to get the best view of the Santorini from up high. Visit the Nea Kameni or Palea Kameni for hiking and for touring on a boat. 

5. Explore Akrotiri Lighthouse or Archeological site

The Akrotiri Lighthouse has a very unique but very ancient look high up in the hills. You can explore the ruins of ancient Minona city which are still well-preserved by nature. The ruined city is often referred to as “Pompeii of the Aegean” due to its well-preserved site. This is a perfect place for every visitor to get carried away while visiting the place. Moreover, seeing the sight of the lighthouse has a unique stunning view even far from the distance.  

Since there are places to visit and things to do in Santorini let’s look at the availability of the airlines for the best experience with flights to Santorini.  

Discover the airlines with the best flights to Santorini  

  1. esayJet: the airline easyJet is one of the most affordable flights to Santorini and to many other countries in Europe. It’s a perfect airline for those travellers who are budget friendly and who are looking for a cost-effective travel experience. Save money and get the best experience of a holiday to your dream destinations.
  2. Olympic Air: Olympic Air is one of the airlines with many multiple destinations and one of the favourite destinations of the airlines is Snatrorini. It has some frequent flights to Santorini throughout the year, both in season and out of season. If you are travelling from Santorini to Athens or other major cities in Greece, Olympic Air is a good option.  
  3. Aegean Airlines: The easiest way to get around the island is with Aegean Airlines. It’s one of the best Greece nationals with frequent flights to Santorini. Whether you are flying domestic or international, Aegean Airlines is an excellent choice. Moreover, it has countless routes to other European countries.
  4. Ryanair: apart from easyJet Ryanair is also a budget-friendly airline. It offers multiple flights to Santorini from several major European cities. If you are flying from London, Milan, London, or other popular European cities Ryaniar is an all-time available airline to Santorini. 
  5. British Airways: British Airways is a frequent flyer to Snatorinin and has direct flights to Santorini throughout the year. If you are departing from London Heathrow then British Airways is a convenient airline to get to the magical island. The airline is a good option for all those travelling from the UK. 


All these airlines have the best accommodating experience on board. By booking your flight tickets on easyJet, enjoy the best offers and deals on flight tickets to Santorini. Your magical holiday is incomplete without visiting Santorini. Needless to say but for getting cheap flights to Santorini easyJet has all coming discounts and deals on flights. The fast and supportive customer support on easyJet, until you get to your destination, makes your travelling even more convenient. For more information visit easyJet and the official website of BeStyler


How early should I get to Santorini Airport?
Since the airport is not very large, the airport tends to be crowded and may be chaotic.  If you want to avoid the chaotic line-up or to avoid missing the flights during the rush hours getting early at the airport is recommended. Getting early one to two hours prior to the departure time is advised.  
Is Santorini an expensive place to visit?
Comparatively, Santorini is not an affordable place to visit. Unlike many European cities and countries. Since it is located on the Aegean Sea, the Island is indeed an expensive place to visit among the Greek islands. But with the stunning views and landscapes, the island is a perfect place for a romantic honeymoon experience and worth your money. 
How much will it cost for a three day trip to Santorini?
Approximately the mid-range budget for a three-day trip to Santorini will cost you $430 USD, this includes your accommodations, food, travel guide, and other expenditure that comes with the trip. 

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