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Fun-filled getaways: Holiday planning tips for families with Young explorers


Planning a vacation with young children can be both a fascinating and gratifying experience. It is an opportunity to make enduring memories, strengthen family ties, and inspire the spirit of adventure in your young ones. To ensure that everyone has a good time with little stress, you need to take care of a lot of different factors which involve significant thought and consideration. We’ll provide you with helpful holiday planning tips in this blog so you can plan unforgettable outings for your family and budding adventurers.

How To Do Holiday Planning With Kids? 

Holiday planning with small children can be both stressful and extremely gratifying. You may design a fun-filled itinerary that meets the interests and requirements of your young explorers by using the tips mentioned in this blog. Every action you take, from picking kid-friendly locations to accepting last-minute trips and giving adventure a top priority, will help you create an amazing family experience. So, start your vacation off enthusiastically and with a spirit of adventure, and witness the amazement and delight on your children’s faces. 

Choose Family-Friendly Destinations

Family-Friendly Destinations

Family-Friendly Destinations | bestyler

When organizing a vacation with small children, it’s essential to choose locations that provide a variety of experiences appropriate for their age group. Choose family-friendly vacation spots with accommodations for young travellers, secure surroundings, and kid-friendly attractions. Themed parks, natural areas, beaches, and interactive museums are all great choices for entertainment and educational purpose. You can easily choose family-friendly destinations with the help of easyJet. They provide a Holidays and Top Holiday section in their website menu which will help you to search for different destinations as per your preference and budget.

Involve Your Children in the Planning Process

Make your kids a part of the preparations for the planning process of your next family adventure. Discuss potential vacation spots with them, show them photos or videos, and get their opinions. As a result of their participation, they will feel more ownership over the trip which will arouse excitement and anticipation. Let them propose any activities or sights they’d like to see and think about including their choices in your schedule. Everyone will appreciate the vacation better if you will include everyone.

Create a Flexible Itinerary

Be flexible with your schedule even though having a general strategy for your vacation is necessary. Allow for impromptu activities and relaxation because young children’s demands and energy levels are frequently unpredictable. Plan a balance of activity and downtime, and be ready to change your schedule as you go. Don’t feel obligated to cram too many events into a day; just remember that the most important thing is the quality time you spend with your loved ones. 

Opt for family-friendly accommodations

Select accommodations that are appropriate for families with young children. Find accommodations that have large rooms or suites, childproofed rooms, and extras like pools, playgrounds, or kids’ clubs. This will guarantee that your kids have a fun and safe space to unwind in after a day of sightseeing. If possible, book spaces with kitchenettes or self-catering options to have more flexibility with meals and snacks.

Prioritize Downtime and Rest

Prioritize Downtime and Rest

Prioritize Downtime and Rest | bestyler

Travelling, particularly with young children, can be exhausting. During your vacation, it’s crucial to give relaxation and rest top priority. Your schedule should include regular pauses that you can use for naps or quiet time. By doing this, overstimulation and meltdowns will be less likely. Additionally, think about including relaxing activities like family beach vacations or picnics in parks where your kids may run about unsupervised. Everyone will stay energized and in good spirits throughout the vacation if activity and rest are balanced.

Explore the best family holiday destinations with easyJet

When it comes to arranging a family vacation, finding the perfect spot that has something for everyone can be difficult. Fortunately, one of the top airlines in Europe, easyJet, offers a wide selection of family-friendly locations that meet the interests and demands of every member of the family. This section will discuss some of the top family vacation spots you can visit with easyJet to make sure you have an unforgettable trip full of excitement, adventure, and quality time with the family.

1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a vibrant and welcoming city that offers the ideal fusion of culture, history, and stunning beaches. Visit the magnificent Sagrada Familia, meander casually down the famed La Rambla, or discover the charming Park Güell. Numerous parks, play areas, and family-friendly attractions like CosmoCaixa and the Barcelona Zoo are also available in the city. Owing to its pleasant temperature and delectable cuisine, Barcelona is the perfect vacation spot for families looking for a blend of urban excitement and beach relaxation.

2. Portugal

Famous for its breathtaking beaches, picturesque coastline, and family-friendly resorts, the Algarve region of Portugal is a popular tourist destination. It’s a family beach lover’s heaven with its warm temperature and lovely waves. There are plenty of beach activities for both kids and parents to enjoy, from making sandcastles on Praia da Rocha to discovering the natural marvels of the Ria Formosa Nature Park. Water parks, dolphin-watching excursions, and attractive cities like Lagos and Albufeira are also available in the Algarve.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With charming canals, old-world architecture, and a wide range of cultural opportunities, Amsterdam is a bustling and multicultural city. Take a leisurely boat tour around the canals, see the interactive displays at NEMO Science Museum, or learn about the wonders of animal life at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. Families can also explore the city’s rich cultural past, cycle through the city’s bike-friendly streets, and visit the Anne Frank House. The warm atmosphere and variety of things to do in Amsterdam make it the ideal destination for a family vacation.


To sum up, with appropriate planning and tips to consider, you will have access to a wide range of fantastic locations that are suitable for travellers of all ages and interests. Each destination provides an ideal fusion of culture, pleasure, and adventure, from the busy streets of Barcelona to the historical wonders of Amsterdam. So, get ready for an incredible family vacation filled with priceless memories and quality time spent together by packing your bags, boarding an easyJet flight, and getting settled. No matter the location, proper holiday planning guarantees a smooth journey that will have you itching for your next family vacation. Visit the official website of easyJet for searching cheap holiday destinations and look for the perfect vacation spot for your children. Additionally, you can also visit our website BeStyler for travel-related interesting content. 


How do you plan holidays?

Setting a budget, choosing travel dates, reserving lodging and ground transportation, making an itinerary, and taking into account attractions and activities that suit your interests and preferences are all crucial steps in the process of holiday planning.

How do I plan a 3-day trip?

If you are organising a 3-day trip, start by opting for a location with a reasonable distance. Create a clear plan, prioritize your activities and stops, reserve your accommodation and transportation in accordance with your needs, and leave enough time for rest and flexibility.

What is the importance of holiday planning?

Holiday planning is the first and foremost step in the travel ideation process. It enables you to make the most of your time and resources, ensure efficient travel arrangements, and enjoy your holiday. It makes for a well-organized and entertaining experience, which lowers stress and increases the likelihood of making priceless memories.

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