Holiday to bilbao

Holiday To Bilbao: The Best Holiday Experience In The Land Of Paradise


Bilbao is a popular place for many travellers for a seamless holiday experience. Holiday to Bilbao offers many historical places to visit, unique cultural food, traditional festivals, and urban towns with so many things to explore. The city is blessed with stunning landscapes which can be discovered on the outskirts of the. There are endless things the city brings for all its visitors visiting the city both in and out of season. Irrespective of whether you are visiting in summer or in winter you will not run out of things to do while you are in the city of Bilbao. 

Bilbao may not be under the radar of many travellers but it’s one of the unique cities among other Spanish cities to dive into the beauty of nature, traditional Spanish cuisine, festivals, and more. Before we discover airlines on easyJet, let’s look at some of the interesting things to do while you are on holiday to Bilbao.

Top things to do while you are on holiday to Bilbao 

 You might probably be wondering why a holiday to Bilbao when I could go to any other city for a holiday. But does Bilbao beg to differ since there are endless things to do in Bilbao that you may not experience in any other place.  

1. Visit Guggenheim Museum 

Visit Guggenheim Museum

Visit Guggenheim Museum

A holiday to Bilbao is incomplete without visiting the Guggenheim Museum. It’s a top palace to visit while you are in the city of Bilbao. It attracts many voters due to the seamless and stunning structure of the museum. The building is a showcase of what a remarkable work of art should look like. Exploring the iconic building of the Museum will leave you stunned and awe-inspired. The museum offers unique architecture with intriguing contemporary art of collections to behold. The museum was designed by one of the finest Spanish architects called Frank Gehry with the help of aerospace software. It’s surely a must-visit place if you are spending your holiday in Bilbao. 

2.  Adventure into Casco Viejo 

Apart from exploring bustling city life Casco Viejo, an old town, is full of street charm to mesmerize its visitors. The town is filled with jaw-dropping beauty, natural landscapes, many shops with traditional things to buy, and historic buildings and carried away with a memorable evening at pintxos bars. This amazing town is full of nostalgic memories for many visitors due to its heritage. Moreover, there are restaurants to try out exotic Spanish cuisine, and shops to buy mementos and traditional souvenirs. There are also places in the town for live experience with staged performances such as opera music, cultural events and small thrilling musical concerts.  

3. Visit the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum 

Visit the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum 

Visit the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

While you are on Holiday without visiting the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, your holiday to Bilbao remains incomplete. This place is a must-visit for all those art lovers because the museum has so many extensive collections of Basque, European art, and Spanish arts to explore which are awe-inspiring. They are enduring arts of collections to explore. The overall interior design of the museum will also add extra exposure to intriguing artistic designs.

4. Explore the La Ribera Market 

The La Ribera Market is a robust market in Bilbao to explore tradition. It has a different level of vibrancy as a market overall and the place where you can find locally produced fresh seafood, pickles, and meat to try, and another regional delicacy to leave you with a mouthwatering experience. It’s always recommended for getting the best learning about local traditions by visiting local markets such as La Ribera Market. Your Holiday to Bilbao will leave you with memories to cherish at La Ribera Market. 

5. Visit the Athletic Bilbao Stadium 

Visit the Athletic Bilbao Stadium

Visit the Athletic Bilbao Stadium

Although the Stadium is not so much of a fancy place to visit, if you want to experience something lively then the Athletic Bilbao Stadium is a must-visit place to explore. Even if you are not a sports enthusiast, taking a simple tour around the Stadium will give you some positive energy to feel. There is also a  Stadium to visit called San Mames Stadium, to learn about the history of Athletic Club Bilbao.

6.  Explore Artxanda Funicular 

There is always something of an endless panoramic to explore and taking a ride for an endless panoramic scene on the Artxanda Funicular will shower you with a beautiful scenic beauty. The ride also showers you with stunning views of Bilbao City and the timeless landscape beauty of  Bilbao. Bless your holiday to Bilbao by giving yourself, and if you are in a group take a ride to feel the height of beauty at its best. 

7. Explore the Basque Cuisine

Explore the Basque Cuisine

Explore the Basque Cuisine

Food is deeply rooted in the culture, tradition, and history of its people. It’s said that the best exposure and learning about any culture lies in discovering the food of its people. Food and culture are deeply rooted. Basque cuisine is one of them with rich ancestral history. Their cuisine is made of different unique ingredients which are locally produced. By visiting any of the local bars for local drinks and food for restaurants or even local markets which can be found all over the city. Moreover, they are extremely affordable. 

8. Take a trip out 

To make your holiday to Bilbao memorable, the best recommendation is to take a trip out to the coastal town of Getxo or to the nearby city. The beautiful natural beauty of the city will leave you rejuvenated. A day trip out in the outskirts area to enjoy the stunning sunset out on beaches, or hiking out in the forest will leave you with a breathless experience.  

Discover the frequent airlines for holiday to Bilbao 

There are some frequent airlines that fly to Bilano and to some major cities. 

  1. easyJet: since easyJet is one of the best budget airlines, you are left with a timeless experience with cost-effective money while getting a flight ticket to Bilbao. It has come with frequent dates that take passengers to major cities in Bilbao. Since it’s popular and famous for being the most friendly budget airline your cheap holidays to Bilbao come true with easyJet. 
  2. Air France: Air France is one of the airlines with frequent flights operating its hub in Paris. The airline has wide connecting routes to many countries in Europe.  If you are looking to fly to Bilbao from any of the European countries, Air France is a fantastic choice to book a flight with. 
  3. TAP Air Portugal: The airline has large connecting routes to many destinations in Europe. Not only to Bilbao but to major cities in Europe. With its Hub in Lisbon, you can find easy convenient flights to Bilbao. 
  4. Lufthansa: Lutghans is one of the largest German airlines, it has frequent flights to Bilbao and connecting routes to many popular destinations in Europe. Whether you are planning for Holiday to Bilbao from Munich or Frankfurt or nearby German countries, Lufthansa is a good airline to go to. 
  5. British Airways: With its hub in London Heathrow Airport, British Airways takes hundreds of travelers to Bilbao. The airline is a convenient airline not only for the resident of the UK but the residents across many different countries and beyond. 


For easy booking and easy travelling get all your bookings done for a holiday to Bilbao on easyJet. There are seasonal offers on the tickets while you are shopping on easyJet and by signing up as a prime member you can stay ahead of new exciting offers, deals, and discounts on air tickets. Make the best of the holiday to Bilbao by making affordable and cheap flights to Bilbao. Moreover, if you are looking for package holidays to Bilbao stay connected to those airlines which provide this facility. For more information, visit easyJet and the official website of BeStyler


Is it worth visiting Bilbao?
Yes!, Bilbao is definitely a worthwhile visit city. It’s one of the most unique Spanish cities with rich cultural history and tons of places, especially art museums to explore. Waste no time and get the best out of the Basque County that welcomes you with open arms. 
What is Bilbao City famous for?
Bilbao City is known for the iconic Guggenheim Museum which is famous for its iconic architecture, a great collection of contemporary art collections. The city is also known for traditional Basque gastronomy with a wide range of locally made cuisines. 
Is Bilbao an expensive city?
Generally, Bilbao is not an expensive city to visit after all, the city blesses its visitors with affordable accommodation, and many amazing places to eat at reasonable prices. But just like any city luxury accommodation or luxury hotels will cost you a hole in the pockets. And to ease your worry, compare to countries in Europe Bilabao is quite a cheap and affordable city ot explore. 

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