Holidays to bodrum

Holidays To Bodrum: Fly To The Dazzling Coast In The Aegean Sea


Bodrum is a dazzling city to make the dream holidays come true. Bodrum is one of the least visited and yet the most popular travel destinations in recent times. Holidays to Bodrum become more adventurous when you explore the least visited part of this city. The natural beauty that stretches down all the way from the southwest coast of the Aegean Sea has left many travelers to keep admiring the beauty of the city. The beautiful scenic view of the city is just majestic and ever-enduring inspiration you can find on earth. 

The Bodrum City has a legacy of medieval architectural influences which were built partly by using the stones from the Mausoleum at Halicamassus. The city is also undoubtedly popular for being the gateway to beaches and oceans basically when it comes to Holidays to Boardurm. Imagine flying across the globe for Holidays to Bodrum with easyJet is not even affordable and feasible. 

The popularity of Bodrum as a holiday destination 

Bodrum is largely famous for lively and vibrant parties and nightlife. There are dazzling beaches and get the best exposure to the Aegean Sea which showcases the purest clear water you can find anywhere. If you are looking for a popular resort in Turkiye, Bodrum comes into the picture. Every year tourists are left amazed by the coastal vibrancy of the city, from an endless selection of entertainment for everyone to enjoy and get carried away by the beauty of Aegean Landscapes. 

1. Visiting the Castle of St.Peter 

Visiting the Castle of St.Peter 

Visiting the Castle of St.Peter | Bestyler

Bodum has many places to offer to its visitors and one of them being the castles of St Peter. The stunning architectural design is the symbol of the city. The holidays to Bodrum are incomplete without taking out time to visit the castle. It will leave the visitors with curiosity about rich history taking us back to 1402 when the castle was actually constructed. The stones that were used were made out of green volcano stones, and the marble used was collected from the remnant of the tomb of the ruler Masuolus. The castle has impressive walls which are visible even from a far distance away from the mainland. It’s said that inside the castle, it has some form of powerful ambiance and majestical influence on its visitors. 

2. Explore the Museum of Underwater Archaeology 

Off all the places that you will visit in Bodrum is the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The museum has intriguing collections of ancient artifacts and exhibits. Plus it is located inside the castle of St.Peter. Over the past years, it has become the most visited attraction in the city of Bodrum.  If there is one compelling reason to make holidays to Bodrum the Museum of Underwater Archaeology is surely a compelling reason to fly to Bodrum. However, will all the fascinating exhibits it has the visitors have to pay entry tickets to see the majestic collection of ancient artifacts underwater. 

3. Visiting Bodrum Marina 

Visiting Bodrum Marina 

Visiting Bodrum Marina | Bestyler

Holidays to Bodrum are never completed without visiting this magnificent place. It’s located in the middle of Bodrum, and the place is famous for being popular for unleashing a vibrant atmosphere. It is filled with interesting cafes to explore, shops, and yes! luxury yachts are a thing in the area. This is a place that will leave all your worries behind. To get the best highlight of the place venture into the waterfront views, take a stroll down the street, and shop around the local shops and boutiques to get the taste of fashion in the area. 

4. Explore Bodrum Amphitheater 

This majestic view up from the hill is located at Bodrum Hillside. It is a well-preserved amphitheatre built around the 4th Century BC. The ancient amphitheatre has a breathtaking impression on all the visitors visiting the place. If you are looking for a panoramic view of the city and the Aegean Sea the Bodrum Amphitheater is a must-visit place. Since it’s a popular visiting place among tourists an individual can easily find the direction to the place in the city. Plus it’s a free attraction. 

5. Explore Mousoleum at Halicarnassus 

Explore Mousoleum at Halicarnassus 

Explore Mousoleum at Halicarnassus | Bestyler

The place is now largely ruined but the place used to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The place has the rich history of an ancient Greek city and it has become a fascinating and important historical place to visit in Bodrum. The place gives an insight into ancient Greek history while in the meantime one can also enjoy the structural building of the Mausoleum.  

6. Venture into Gumusluk 

The holidays to Bodrum are finally worthwhile once you visit the Gumsuluk. It’s located on the western coast of the Bodrum Peninsula and it’s well known for having the most serene atmosphere anywhere in Bodrum. Whether you want to be mesmerised by the turquoise waters, or the sight of the ancient ruins, Gumsuluk has all it. If you are a great lover of seafood or foody, Gumusluk has scrumptious seafood which you can explore in any of the waterfront restaurants and local food stalls. 

Find the frequent airlines for holidays to Bodrum 

Here are a few airlines that you may want to consider before taking a trip to Bodrum. 

  • Easyjet is well known for being the most budget-friendly airline across the globe. It has frequent flights to major cities in Bodrum and many connecting routes to popular destinations in Europe as well. If you are looking for an affordable trip to Bodrum, easyJet has the best deals and discounts on flight tickets.  
  •  Aegean Airlines: the airline is one of the largest Greek airlines, and it has many connecting routes to popular destinations. The airline provides frequent flights to Bodrum city and connecting routes to European cities as well. 
  • Turkish Airlines: consider taking flights to Bodrum if you are departing from Istanbul. The airline has frequent flights to the city and also to some major cities in Bodrum. The airline is one of the best airlines for tourists travelling to popular international destinations. 
  • British Airways: The airline also has popular destination routes in many countries in Europe and it takes passengers to Bodrum throughout the year.  
  • SunExpress: this is also a Turkish airline and it has connecting routes to popular destinations in Europe and in Bodrum as well. There are regular flights to Bodrum with SunExpress. 


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Is Bodrum a good holiday destination for couples?
Yes, Bodrum undoubtedly holds the best place for spending your holidays. There are multiple attractions and sights in the city, mixed with both a modern lifestyle and with rich ancient historical places to explore. If you are thinking of holidays to Bodrum in it’s a popular destination to travel.
Which is better to visit Bodrum or Antalya?
The destination preference depends on the individual. Both are great cities to visit since they have their own charms for visitors throughout the year. However, exploring both places can give new novel things to explore.
Is it expensive to visit Bodrum for the Holidays?
Bodrum is an affordable city in Turkey. With the endless attractions it has to offer to its visitor the city is a blessing with such an affordable place to visit for holidays. The average cost for a weekly will round-up around $500 per head. So approximately expect $2,000 if you are staying for a month.

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