Holidays to costa brava

Holidays To Costa Brava: Adventurous Vacation To The Majestic Land 


When we talk about paradise on earth with stunning national parks, dramatic cliffs, seamless panoramic views, and majestic sunsets Costa Brava has it all. Costa Brava is a dream destination place for many travellers who are looking for Holidays in Costa Brava. Whether you want to be surrounded by quiet spots on the beach or carried away by the pleasant Mediterranean Sea, Holidays to Costa Brava is a must mention on your itinerary list. Costa Brava is a coastal region located in Catalonia and it’s part of northeastern Spain. 

Here are the top things to keep in mind before visiting Costa Brava 

It’s also important to know a few things before visiting a popular region such as Costa Brava. We bring some of the top things that will leave you informed about Costa Brava before you plan out holidays to Costa Brava and if you are visiting the region for the first time.

  1. Costa Brava is a region with a large area and also a large part of Catalonia. It’s connected all the way from the French border to all the way down to the province of Barcelona. The region has connecting coastal villages and towns. So expect holidays to Costa Brava to be an endless adventure.  
  2. For better discovery of Costa Brava take a car ride to get the best exposure to the regional views from coast to coast. Moreover, the ride seems vast and long which will also lead you to discover more hidden villages and towns along the way. The car ride is encouraged since a lot of places cannot be accessed by public transport. 
  3. Costa Brava has many stunning places for hiking and for group adventures. If you are a big fan of climbing cliffs and hills Costa Brava will leave you breathless. For Holidays to Costa Brava get ready to take the car on hire for a long drive. 
  4. When we talk about Spain’s best beaches Costa Brava is home to some of the country’s best beaches. These beaches are all different in their own stunning natural beauty. Some beaches are small but very rejuvenating due to the surrounding cliffs and hilltops. Plus these beaches are also within walking distance which can be easily accessible on foot.  
  5. Of all the seasons Costa Brava is very crowded in summer. There is no stopping countless tourists and trailers popping up in the region. Plus the beaches are crowded with travellers, families, and many tourists on short and long visits. Since the summer is also rushed the hotels and resorts are booked in advance. You might want to consider booking your accommodation in advance if you are planning holidays to Costa Brava this summer.
  6. Costa Brava is known for having many intriguing villages and towns along the coastline. There are charming towns and villages to experience firsthand cultural introduction and embark on the tradition of the region. Such as Calella de Palafrugell, Llafranc, Cadaques, and more. Although in summer the Costa Brava is crowded mainly in major towns and popular beaches. If you are exploring outskirts areas you can still find a lot of quiet places to venture. Holidays to Costa Brava are mind-boggling for sure. 
  7. If you are visiting in summer, pack your clothes that are light and comfortable. And especially breathable clothing since you don’t want to be spending your time on the beaches with shirts and trousers. For women it’s best to encourage shorts and beach bikinis are best both for long and short stays. And for men, multiple shorts will suffice, and light T-shirts or shirts and hiking shoes for visiting local villages and neighborhood areas.  
  8. Last but not least since Costa Brava has many beaches, having your swimwear at all times is a great option. Remember to carry all the bach essentials be it suncream, beach towels, sun hat, sunglasses, etc. although these beach essentials can be found in a local shop but may come costly on the beaches.       

Top five places to visit in Costa Brava 

To begin with excited about getting ready for the Holidays to Costa Brava  

1. Explore the Coastal Towns and Villages 

Explore the Coastal Towns and Villages

Explore the Coastal Towns and Villages

Holidays to Costa Brava remain incomplete if you are not visiting the coastal Towns and villages. They have endless things to shower their visitors with. Feel the vibes in the air and in and around the neighbourhood. 

2. Visit Dali Theatre Museum

The Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres has many interesting collections of works of the renowned artist Salvador Dali. Explore the masterpieces of Dali’s works and art. The overall structure of the Museum is considered to be surreal and mesmerising. 

3. Venture into Cap de Creus Natural Park

Venture into Cap de Creus Natural Park

Venture into Cap de Creus Natural Park

Yes, holidays to Costa Brava are worthwhile if you are visiting this majestic place. The place has very intriguing stunning views to admire. There are more hidden cliffs to explore, surrounding areas are filled with pristine beaches. Be ready to get carried away by the panoramic views of the areas up from the lighthouse.  

4. VIsit Museums in Costa Brava 

Costa Brava is also popular with museums. It’s home to museums that exhibit varied collections of art where you can explore a lot of wonderful things to adore. Such as the Cinema Museum, and Cork Museum located in Palafrugell, and explore the Museum of Jam if you are stopping by the Village of Torrent. 

5. Visit the famous city Girona: 

Visit the famous city Girona

Visit the famous city Girona

Yes, visiting the famous city of Girona is worthwhile. It’s considered to be the largest city in the region and the city has stunning architectural buildings, rich history, and scrumptious traditional cuisines. Simply stroll around the city, the ancient walls, the cathedrals, and the Jewish Quarter are some interesting sites to explore. 

Popular airlines to explore 

  1. EasyJet: fly to the land of paradise with the most affordable airlines. EasyJet provides the most budget-friendly tickets not only to Costa Brava but to many places across the globe. It has multiple routes connecting to many popular destinations at affordable prices. Moreover, the airlines also may have deals on package holidays to Costa Brava. 
  2. British Airways: the airline is also a popular airline that flies to many popular destinations in Europe with multiple connecting routes. The airline has some frequent flights to Costa Brava throughout the year. 
  3. Ryanair: it’s also another airline that has frequent flights to Costa Brava and it is comparatively cheap to fly across different countries in Europe. It operates from Girona-Costa Brava Airport to many returning European destinations. 
  4. Lufthansa: the airline has connecting destinations to many major cities in Costa Brava and also to major cities in Europe. The airline is average, cheap, and affordable to travel to and sure to meet your holidays to Costa Brava expectations.
  5. Air France: From Barcelona to Paris to major cities in France, the airline has frequent flights to Costa Brava. If you are flying from any major city in France to Costa Brava get your booking to your dream holiday destination to Costa Brava.  


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When is the right time to visit Costa Brava?
If you are looking for a summer experience in Costa Brava visit in the months of July and August. These months are considered to be a peak season when beaches are crowded with travellers and tourists. It’s also the season when the beaches sixpence the best sunshines till the end of the summer season. 
Is Costa Brava the best holiday place for couples and families?
If you are considering the stunning region of Catalonia, then yes Costa Brava is an excellent region to travel for both couples and families. There are many beaches to explore, and for a longer duration of stay, Costa Brava has many hidden gems in and around the cities
How many days is sufficient to travel to Costa Brava?
Typically five to seven days are enough to cover the most major sites of the region but for easy exploration give yourself enough days to explore most of the region, including coastal villages and towns. If you are visiting from city to city, village to village, and town to town, the duration of stay may vary from one to two days 

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