Holidays to Costa de almeria

Holidays To Costa De Almeria: Explore The Spectacular And Timeless Coastlines


Holidays to Costa de Almeria can be a thrilling and promising adventure of a lifetime. Many a time this beautiful region is not under the radar of many travellers and tourists due to its undiscovered and unexplored hidden gems that are timeless. The beautiful towns and cities stand timeless and carry the beauty of ancient civilization with rich culture, history, and tradition to explore.  Whether you have not heard about Alcazaba, El Argar, or Los Millares in the region, by planning holidays to Costa de Almeria live beyond the boundaries of limitation. 

Explore the hidden gems of Costa de Almeria this summer 

Here are the hidden gems of Costa de Almeria if you are planning holidays to Costa de Almeria, perhaps after discovering these top places you may start your travel itinerary right away to Costa de Almeria. 

1. Explore Cabo de Gata, National Park 

Explore Cabo de Gata, National Park 

Explore Cabo de Gata, National Park

What makes the Costa de Almeria a hidden gem is because of the stunning and timeless beauty of Cabo de Gata National Park. The land is famous for high-encumbering desserts with breathless landscapes to admire and the rugged coastlines will leave you wanting to come back again and again. This is a worthwhile fishing place. If nature has stored its magic to bless us with endless beauty then Cabo de Gata National Park has to be one of them. Words are not enough to describe how rugged yet majestic the national park is. The entire area is also possible to explore on foot because of the connecting routes and destinations. 

2. Explore semi-arid Desert    

When we say the word Desert the first thing that comes to our mind is a dry land with no vegetation. Yes, unfortunately, this happens to be the right definition of deserts. But the semi-arid deserts of Costa de Almeria are different. It’s located thirty kilometres away from the capital city in the north of the region. Due to surreal landscapes and breathtaking views, the places are considered to be the most attractive places to visit in Spain. The desert has promising inspiration for its visitors throughout the season.

3. Explore the Unmatched Almeria’s Coastal Resorts 

Explore the Unmatched Almeria’s Coastal Resorts 

Explore the Unmatched Almeria’s Coastal Resorts

These resorts are the best places to spend your time while you are touring around the city. Popular towns such as the whitewashed town of Mojacar set on the Sierra Cabrera mountains will leave you feeling stunned as though you are in heaven due to its majestic view on all sides. The places inspire not only visitors but it attracts a lot of artists, photograzhers, painters, writers, and poets. The place is also served as a place to get inspired. 

If you are stopping by the old town Mojacar center then the place is nothing comparable when it comes to beautiful narrow streets, exciting bars, and local shops with antique products with other places in the region. The local bars are some places to get the best association with locals and learn about the culture and history.

4. Visit the Mini Hollywood

The Mini Hollywood is located in the Tabernas Desert. It’s famous for film shooting, it’s said that many famous Western movies were shot there creating a theme park for movies.  Visiting the places will give you the first-hand experience of feeling the remnants of what is left behind in the city.

5. Explore the Aguadulce

Explore the Aguadulce

Explore the Aguadulce

This coastal town is popular for having beautiful beaches and plus the town has a wide range of water activities to explore. Activities such as sailing, windsurfing, or even jet skiing will leave you with memories even after your stay. Moreover, Aguadulece is popular for nightlife, with lively bars to experiment with cocktail drinks and the nightlife seems to come alive with beautiful streets and calming weather.

Things to pack before travelling for Holidays to Costa De Almeria 

To make your travel plan easier we have a few things that will help you in keeping your travelling light and comfortable. 

  • Pack light: yes, if you are travelling in summer pack light and fill your luggage with comfortable clothing. Since Costa de Almeria is full of beaches, beach bikinis, hats, shorts, and beach towels will best come in handy. And light jackets or sweaters may come in handy for a windy evening. 
  • You may want to consider Packing swimming suits before embarking on the beaches for swimming.  Costa de Almeria is full of summing opportunities that you may not want to miss to enhance your holiday experience. 
  • Consider carrying all the beach essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses, or a beach umbrella. The beach essentially depends on how you would like to spend your time on the beach. 
  • Pack your footwear according to your needs. For comfortable walking around the beach, pack sandals or sneakers. And if you are looking forward to hiking, consider packing hiking boots. The beaches are surrounded by stunning hills and cliffs you are likely to get tempted to venture on those hills. 
  • Handy backpacks will come in need if you are thinking about exploring coastal villages and towns. Where you can carry your small essentials needed for the trips. Trolly bags may be more hectic for taking trips to the coastal parts of the region. Backpacks are easy to move around. 
  • You can never be more cautious. Consider carrying a first aid kit etc for emergencies. And also make sure that you have enough supplies for the entire trip. The first aid kits may include insect repellent, band-aids, pain killers, or for diarrhoea and the common cold or however suits your needs. 
  • Last but not least carry all your documents that are required to prove your identity and for authentication. Plus carry cards as well as cash. Since you might end up in a place where there may be no ATM boos. Especially if you are travelling to coastal parts of the region. Nevertheless, holidays to Costa de Almeria are indeed adventurous.  

Popular airlines that fly to Costa de Almeria 

  1. easyJet: this is one of the most affordable airlines you can find to travel to Costa de Almeria. This airline is popular for being the most affordable airline in Europe and across different counties. Moreover, the airline has many connectivity across popular tourist destinations in Europe. For cheap holidays to Costa de Almeria on flights booked on easyJet. 
  2. British Airways: It is a popular airline with multiple travel connectivity in many countries in Europe. Whether you are travelling alone or with family, British Airways is a comfortable flight to travel.
  3. Tui Airways:  Tui Airways has frequent flights to Costa de Almeria and multiple connecting routes to popular destinations in Europe. The airline takes passengers to major cities in Spain. 
  4. Ryanair: the airline also comes cheap when you are booking tickets to Costa de Almeria. The airline connects to many European countries which makes it convenient for travellers to make multiple stops on many holiday destinations while visiting Costa de Almeria. 
  5. Vueling Airlines: apart from easyJet Vueling Airlines is a low-cost carrier based in Spain, The airline is cost-effective on tickets to Costa de Almeria. Plus the airline has connecting routes from Almeria Airport to Costa de Almeria. The airlines operate both domestic and international flights. Your holidays to Costa de Almeria with affordable prices on flight tickets are now possible. 


Since easyJet is popularly known for being the most affordable airline, get your package holidays to Costa de Almeria this summer or anytime this year. Save more money on your flight tickets to make your travel experience more convenient. With amazing deals and offers on multiple airlines, easyJet is an excellent platform to get your holiday bookings done effortlessly without having to pay much. For more information visit BeStyler


Is Almeria a good place for a holiday?
Yes, Almeris is not under the radar of many travelers but it’s still the most exciting place to visit in Spain. There are endless beaches to explore, and intriguing historical places to explore. Get ready to embark on the journey that will leave you amazed. 
Is Almeria an expensive place to visit?
Costa De Almeria is not an expensive place to visit. With average expenses, a traveller will spend around $500 for a three to five days stay and up to $2,000 for a month. 
What is the climate like in Costa del Almeria in summer and winter?
Costa de Almeria has a very pleasant climate with sunny days in summer and with pleasant but freezing days in winter. Fi you are a big fan of sunshine try visiting in summer to experience beautiful sunshine throughout the month. During the month of July and August the temperature  is 32 C and the lowest is 24 C.







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